Film Festival Update:

Congratulations to Danica McKellar for winning the "Best First Time Director" Award this May at the Hollywood Underground Film Festival!

And 'speechless...' won the "Best Short" award at the California Independent Film Festival in November, hosted by Martin Landau!

Danica McKellar with Martin Landau at the awards ceremony.
Photo by Dane Andrew/Total Entertainment News

Danica with her Slate Award for Best Short.

Also: See "speechless..." on Delta Airlines as part of their inflight programming, March 1- May 31st 2003!

Other Film Festival News:

speechless... has now screened at:

Cinequest 12 - San Jose Film Festival
Saturday, March 2 @ 4:45pm
Sunday, March 3 @ 4:15pm
In both cases, "speechless..." will be preceding
a documentary film called, "West 47th Street".

Hollywood Shorts
hosts its 4th Annual WOMEN IN FILMMAKING Festival.
Sunday, March 17th at 5pm

San Diego International Film Festival 2002
A Shorts Night: 7pm on Saturday, April 6th

Hollywood Underground Film Festival
May 9-16, 2002
The "speechless..." trailer can be seen on their site!


Beverly Hills Film Festival
Date TBD

Recently, I screened the film for some family and friends at Panavision. Here are some pictures from the event! (photos by Kathy Hutchins)
L to R: Danica McKellar, co-star Jay Michael Ferguson, Ricki G. Maslar (producer/casting director), and our good friend Reggie Lee. (actor from "The Fast and the Furious")
L to R: Crystal McKellar (my sister), Christopher McKellar (my dad), Danica McKellar, and Mahaila McKellar (my mom)
Jay Michael Ferguson not only starred in "speechless…" with me, but he also composed the music for the film!
You might remember my sister Crystal from The Wonder Years. She played Becky Slater!
Fred Savage brought me flowers! He's a truly precious friend and supporter.
This is my good friend, Mike Verta. His company, Arc Haven Studios, designed the brilliant 9-second animated logo for my production company, Morning Starlight Productions. Mike is also a feature film musical score composer. A very talented guy!
More friends! Here I am with Jason Marsden and Jenna Van Oy.
It was a wonderful night, everyone was so pleased with how the film turned out! Some of my friends were even inspired to try filmmaking themselves. I'll tell you, filmmaking is awfully addictive- and contagious!